Cybersymbiosis RPG Project



This page details the ongoing project to produce an RPG based on the Cybersymbiosis comic series as part of our mission statement to expand the product line and to create a highly detailed and engaging SciFi universe. The book is being produced using the D&D 5e game engine under the Open Gaming License. Click the links below to see what new stuff we have. Updates will be posted almost weekly.


All of the basic races are now uploaded! You will find Humans (and all racial variants), Cyborgs, Elves, Dwarves, Gnomes, Orcs and Half-Breeds for each. 

Character Classes

Here you will find the new character classes we are creating for the setting. This will not feature the core classes from the 5e OGL but will include information on which ones are common. This is mainly for new content created specifically with a SciFi setting in mind. We now have the Hacker Class!

Character Backgrounds

The list of Backgrounds is finally updated. This is an expanded list that does a lot more than what you'll find in the standard 5e rules. We've included a list of Major Flaws that qualify a character for expanded abilities in each Background. The personality traits with the Backgrounds will be coming later in the next couple of weeks but you should be able to make it work with this.

Armor, Weapons and Equipment

Everything is up to date with this section now. You'll find guns, melee weapons, powered melee weapons, armor and lots of tech gear. 


We just uploaded the Cybernetics section. Good god this took forever and I already see a few things that I need to do with it. It is pretty thorough though and I hope you guys find it cool & interesting.


New Feats

This page was just updated with the Feats you need for a SciFi setting. It's a work in progress so we'd love to hear any feedback if you feel like taking them for a spin. 


We finally have the full Skill List plus Tools. Because we are running a SciFi setting there needs to be a few things that would never come up in a Fantasy game. We added Computers, Security, Law, Streetwise and Pilot.


This section is not done but check back because more spells may get added. 


Check it out! You can now explore Cyberspace. 

Cyberspace Programs

Here you will find all the epic ways that Hackers can fuck shit up. Also check out the Character Class tab for the Hacker Class.

Robots and Monsters

There is now content under this tab. You'll find cool stuff.


Fifth Edition SRD PDF

What's that you say, you don't know how to play Fifth Edition? No worries because we have you covered. If you don't have a handy core book this link will take you to the official PDF with all of the rules & information you need. There are some things in there that won't be in the final game but it will make it possible for you to have an epic SciFi adventure while we crack the whip and get this thing ready for all of you. 


If you have an active Fifth Edition Group Click Here.

Character Sheets

I've completed Page 1 of the official character sheet. More coming eventually. Feel free to print this sucker out for personal use. Oh and the new skills that are included on the sheet should get added to this site in a few days. 

New Rules

 We will be adding more stuff soon but in the mean time please check out the great options above. 

World Overview

This section discusses key setting information.


 We will be adding more stuff soon but in the mean time please check out the great options above.