We are looking for a few good gamers.

Playtesters Needed


If you've got this far I'm going to assume that you've looked over the site pretty thoroughly and may even be interested in playing the stuff I'm producing. You may have also found some spelling errors or exploitable weaknesses in an ability or possibly something that is simply broken. This is a subject that concerns me greatly because I'm putting out a book this year and I DO NOT want a long list of errata to go along with it. 

I need to find some Fifth Edition groups that would like to run a campaign in my world using the rules & options outlined on this website. I need someone to take this shit and run with it to find out if it works as written of if I need to be sent back to the drawing board. I also need to know what you did to make it work and if you have any recommendations. The usual stuff. 

Here's the deal. We are a small publishing studio of people who just love RPG's and want to make great games to go along with our comics. We also have very limited funds so paying for playtesters really isn't an option at this stage. What we can do however is offer playtesters a credit in the book and any group that gives us meaningful feedback that is useful in making the game great will receive a copy of the Players Handbook when it comes out. 

The Cybersymbiosis RPG is being developed as more than just a weekly heist movie or a story about a bunch of thugs & assassins. The cyberpunk genre is rich and diverse with a wide spectrum of possibilities that can be explored. When developing the comic series I looked to such examples as Ghost in the Shell, Blade Runner, Cowboy Bebop and the Battle Angel Manga (amongst many many others). The plan is to double down on this rich tapestry to allow Players and GM's to create any amazing stories that they like. With the inclusion of Cyberspace we even plan to create an environment where you could explore any genre you want or even a campaign that never needs to step food in the real world. 

If this sounds like fun please follow us on Twitter or Facebook and send me a personal message. I'd love to discuss it with you.



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